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The Story Behind our Law Firm

SoCal Workers Comp was founded with a very simple purpose: making sure your rights are not violated and connecting you with top medical professionals so you receive quality treatment and get your life back on track.

If you got hurt or sick at work in the state of California, you are legally entitled to compensation for your medical treatment and missed income. Your employer is mandated by state law to have workers’ compensation insurance to protect you from injury or illness. Let our team assist you in getting the medical treatment you deserve and the monetary compensation that you are owed for your injury or illness.

In the real world, the insurance company only cares about its own bottom line. And the workers’ compensation system is highly complex. Imagine your life before your work-related injury: No frustration over insurance paperwork, No anxiety over paying medical bills, No fear about missing income, No pain.

SoCal Workers Comp exists to make your life feel a little more fair during a difficult time. We are honest legal counselors and strong advocates for injured workers. We believe in a standard of care that treats you like family. We want you to recover your wellbeing and compensation that’s fair. We can help make that easier for you. We will work your case for no fee upfront.

We are paid on a contingency fee basis, which is a percentage of the final settlement or award for your case. That means we are just as motivated as you to win the most compensation possible.

Who We Are

SoCal Workers Comp is a collection of experienced legal professionals dedicated to ensuring injured workers are treated fairly. Our practice is an all-hands-on-deck operation. That means your case gets the attention it deserves with the highest level of competence and service. We prioritize your case no matter the size to add value to your workers’ compensation claim.

Our Team

The people who make it happen

Robert Rettenmaier


Robert Rettenmaier is the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer for SoCal Workers Comp.

His background as a former United States Marine has shaped his career as an attorney to emphasize service to his clients and the community and a commitment to high ethical standards. For our workers’ compensation clients, he ensures quality representation and dedication to their justice.

Veronica Estrada


Veronica Estrada is the Chief Operating Officer for SoCal Workers Comp.

She is an fourteen-year experienced workers’ compensation professional. Veronica clarifies the complexities of daily law firm operations. She introduces our firm to all new clients and she is our brand ambassador to medical, legal, and business professionals.

Jeff Guarrera


Jeff Guarrera is an Associate Attorney for SoCal Workers Comp.

He advocates for our clients at trials and at doctor's appointments. Jeff was valedictorian of his law school graduating class and remains a diligent legal writer and researcher. He has an affinity for the rights and concerns of working people and takes pride being a legal counselor for our clients.

Vanessa Estrada


Vanessa Estrada is a Case Manager for SoCal Workers Comp.

She makes the workers' compensation system easier for our clients. Vanessa informs our clients of important appointments and hearings, keeping our promise of transparency and communication to them. Vanessa is bilingual in English and Spanish. She is an excellent mother to her two children.

Leslie Magana


Leslie Magana is a legal assistant for SoCal Workers Comp.

She moves our cases forward quickly. Leslie sets up claims and initial medical appointments. She also assists the attorneys with legal discovery.

Quannisha Alexander


Quannisha Alexander is the records administrator for SoCal Workers Comp.

She simplifies the paperwork of a workers' compensation case. Quannisha ensures all letters, reports, and petitions are organized, reviewed, and filed.


What our clients are saying..

Jeff and team are top notch professionals. They took care of every need and question that I had and helped me get through my situation. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal assistance with workers comp.


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