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Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses in Welding

A career in welding has a lot to offer. Initially it requires dedicated study and apprenticeship, but ultimately ...

Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses in Welding

A career in welding has a lot to offer. Initially it requires dedicated study and apprenticeship, but ultimately it provides meaningful compensation for a comfortable life. Many welders belong to unions which provide additional job security.

But welders are not totally protected from work-related injuries and illnesses. Welders typically work under harsh conditions. Additionally, welding itself can be hazardous. A welder fuses metal together with tools that apply high levels of heat to create unbreakable joints. These conditions and hazards often result in specific work-related injuries and illnesses for welders.

Harsh Working Conditions for Different Kinds of Welders

Welding imposes harsh conditions on workers. Welders are employed in a variety of industries. A welder can be exposed to inclement weather and elevated heights while working in infrastructure. Alternatively, a welder may be isolated working in remote areas and strain muscles while performing heavy lifting in transportation. Conversely, in electrical manufacturing, a welder performs repetitive tasks in confined spaces.

Generally, all welders face harsh working conditions working near high heat, powerful fumes, and heavy metal. Its mentally stressful work, too. The job must correctly ensure the integrity and safety of the work.

Hazards While Welding

Separate from the harsh environment that welders work in are the dangers posed from the work of welding itself. These include:

·       Electrical shock.

·       Exposure to fumes, vapor, and gases.

·       Dangerous noise levels and high UV light.

·       Fires and explosions.

·       Sparks and hot metal drops.

Specific Welding-Related Injuries and Illnesses

Vision Damage - the intense UV light of a welding torch can inflame the tissues that cover the front of the eye. This is called a flash burn (also known as Welder’s flash or arc eye). Serious cases result in physical damage, infection, and vision loss.

Respiratory Injuries and Illnesses - exposure to fumes, gasses, and vapors can result in a welder contracting bronchitis, lung irritation and damage, pulmonary infection, and lung cancer.

Skin and Nerve Damage – tools used by welders can inflict electrical shocks, severe burns, skin lacerations.

Parkinsonism - this is a general term for a group of disorders that produce symptoms seen in Parkinson’s disease like slow movement, stiffness, speech problems, and reduced facial expression. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says prolonged exposure to high manganese concentrations in the air may lead to a Parkinsonian syndrome known as “manganism.”

Welders can develop symptoms of parkinsonism from prolonged exposure to manganese, a chemical element from welding fumes. A 2016 study from the American Academy of Neurology of 886 workers from three worksites found parkinsonism in 15% of workers. Welders who performed flux core arc welding in a confined space were found to have the highest exposure scores, as this welding process generates the highest level of particulate matter.

A Welding Accident Attorney Helps You Recover

You trained hard for a career in welding. But any of these welding injuries and illnesses can impair that or cut your career short. And it is not just your career at stake—it is your quality of life.  

Workers’ compensation is supposed to be there for you in this situation. But employers and their insurance carriers will always choose their bottom lines over your wellbeing. The job of an attorney from SoCal Workers Comp is to ensure you are treated fairly, you get the medical care you need, and your finances are secured.

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